Mello's Gun Promised (Day Three)

I had a birthday party today (well, yesterday, the 26th), which went overnight, so I couldn't post or do anything cosplay-related.

For my birthday, I was however, promised a prop handgun for my Mello cosplay. I have yet to see it, and the propmaker, a good friend of mine, couldn't come to the party, so I have no idea when it'll be done.

I couldn't even go the whole party without talking about cosplay, but in my defense, my friend bought it up first. They actually brought it up a few times. They really support what I do and find it amazing that I'm learning to sew, and can do it well.

In fact, I'm rather proud of myself. I love the clothes that make, they're unique, and since they're custom, they fit my body well. I always get a great response, before I mention that it's for a costume, anyway. Then all I get is "Oh..."

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