BAC White Elephant/Yankee Swap

So on Thursday or Friday, my friend sent me a text asking if I was going to the BAC White Elephant/Yankee Swap. I hadn't intended to go because I didn't want to spend any more money on cosplay things this year. However, she offered me a ride and asked me to be a part of a Christmas Gurren Lagann cosplay group, and I really wanted to go anyway. I went as Christmas Yoko, even though I had originally never planned to wear it again, haha.

The White Elephant/Yankee Swap was basically a gift exchange. You bring a wrapped, unmarked gift, then people choose gifts and unwrap them. There's gift-stealing and trading involved, but that's the basics.

Line at Subway
When we arrived, fashionably late, but not as late as I usually show up to gatherings, we checked in with the group leader, Foxberry, and signed up for the gift exchange. Shortly after arriving, everyone parted ways for lunch. It struck me as a little odd, why not get lunch before the scheduled meetup time, basically just start the meetup later? But it wasn't my decision, I'm sure it made sense to the organizers. A whole bunch of us went to Subway, which was, in the end, a big mistake. We waited for what felt like forever to get our sandwiches and then walked back to the meetup spot.

When we got back, we took a group photo. The sun was really intense, and I'm pretty sure I'm shielding my eyes or keeping them closed for more than half of the pictures. After the group photo, we ate and then did the White Elephant/Yankee Swap. I ended up with a Domo toy, which I traded for a shark hat because the hat didn't fit the person who got it, and I don't like Domo anyway. (I don't dislike Domo, though I am tired of seeing it, I'm just not a fan.)

Afterward, we just sort of hung out and took pictures. A few of us also rode the carousel, but I don't have pictures of that (yet?). These pictures are from my camera, taken by a friend.

Yoko and Nia goofing off.
Simon and the ladies

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