Days 673 - 679

Well school is over for the year (Winter Break), and Christmas is coming up fast! Hopefully over Winter Break, I can finish a cosplay or two. I'd like to finish Callie, but I'm pretty sure I'm broke until after Christmas.

I went to another BAC gathering really last-minute, I'll have a separate write-up for that. Also went to a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, the same one I go to every year with my boyfriend and his family.

I've had the urge to sew a lot lately, I just don't know what to sew. I think I want to make a new hat, for myself, not to sell. I saw a lot of really cute hats the last time I was at the mall, but I didn't want to buy any because I knew I could make one.


  1. Oh, please make a post if you make a hat! I would love to see it ^o^!

  2. I probably will :) I've been wanting one of those hats that has long attachments that look like a scarf and have pockets at the ends. I kind of don't like how they look, but I know if I had one, I'd use it a ton, haha.