My New Hat (Days 680 - 683)

This is my
"Why did I stay up until 4:30am making this stupid hat?"
I made a new hat for myself. It has construction issues, but it's warm, and that really is all I care about. It has attached "sleeves" with pockets on the ends. The sleeves also double as a scarf.

You can buy these pretty much anywhere right now, Target, Hot Topic, JC Penny's, for $25, which is exactly why I'm not selling them myself. Materials alone would cost nearly $20, and making my own took four hours. That, and the construction issues I mentioned earlier.


  1. Oh thank you, haha, the glove is actually part of the hat.

  2. I love the hat! It's so cute *v* And the paws are a nice touch ~

  3. Thank you! I got the idea from hats that I've seen at the mall, so I can't really take credit for it.