AoD Stuff (Days 734 - 745)

Luckily, I got almost everything finished in time for AoD. I'm still not really happy with my boots, but the only thing I didn't actually get finished was the jacket details, which is very minor.

I managed to get the scope re-attached to the rifle, and it was surprisingly sturdy. I used two layers of cardboard with a layer of craft foam in the middle. Unfortunately, the scope was backwards. I took it apart and re-glued it, but of course it fell apart at the con (more on that later). I also put sealant on the rifle, which made it shiny and glorious.

I did touch up the jacket some, the flames were peeling off, and I glued them down. The boots are to the point that I could probably just remake them, but I don't have the money to buy more fabric, and I don't really intend on saving up for it. I'm currently saving all of my money for the hotel room for Fanime. Once I have that saved up, I'll start buying things for my temporarily on-hold cosplays.

Speaking of, I've pretty much made up my mind to not cosplay Ironette at Fanime. I don't have the money, and by the time I save up the money, I won't have enough time to make everything. I might cosplay something else that I already have the material for, or I might just wear something twice that weekend.

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