Happy Valentine's Day!

Chi says, "Happy Valentine's!"
Before getting ready for my Valentine's date with my boyfriend, I threw on a wig and makeup and took this picture to share. I don't usually take cosplay pictures for holidays, but when I cosplayed Christmas Chi and Yoko, I found out that it was pretty fun.

The technically behind-the-scenes of this that you don't see is about an hour of makeup and getting into costume. Putting on makeup takes forever, and I don't even know why.When I'm doing it, it feels like it goes by really fast, but then I check the clock halfway through and go, "Aaaah, how did that take twenty minutes!?" I do concealer, foundation, powder, contouring, eyebrows, black eyeliner, white eyeliner, curl my eyelashes, mascara, blush, and then whatever I put on my lips for the day (it changed between lipstick+liner, just liner, and lipgloss). So yeah, it's a lot, but I don't wear that much every day, just for cosplay.

The wig was tangled when I got it out, and of course I still haven't found the spools from the last time I used them (Fanime 2010), and couldn't be bothered to find/make a replacement for one photo. The shirt is just a dress shirt I had in my closet.

Anyway, this was fun, enjoy! I'll do a real update on my cosplay progress some other day, haha.

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