Boot Updates (734 - 737)

I've almost finished updating one of Yoko's boots. I need to take it in a bit at the top of the foot and then patch up the sole. I completely re-did the zipper, it was too thin and made the boot too tight. I'm freaking out a little, AoD is just over a week away and I still have to fix the other boot and finish the jacket and rifle.

I did some test painting on cardboard and foam scraps, and I found that I already have a sealant that I can use on my rifle. It will make it shiny and waterproof (to a point). It wouldn't be able to survive a downpour or being dunked in a pool, but it's better than it just being acrylic paint over cardboard.

The rifle needs some parts added to it. It should be pretty simple, I just haven't done it because I feel like i need to focus on the boots, which are far more important because if I don't finish them, I won't be able to cosplay Yoko to AoD at all. If I don't finish the rifle or jacket, yes I'll be disappointed, but at least I'll have something to wear. I also need to fix up the yellow and black stripes on the butt of the rifle, they're just really messy right now. The jacket only needs some gold metal-looking bits added onto it and it'll be finished.

The belt fell apart a little bit, I used the wrong glue, but that's a quick fix. I also need to iron the shorts and put belt loops on them.


  1. Good luck! Don't stress it, I'm sure you'll finish in time. :3 I remember last year's AX, and how I was literally sanding/painting/making Godot's mask two nights before the con. That was not a good couple of days, so I feel for you. xD;

    Also, for the Yoko belt. May I suggest E6000 epoxy glue? It does a really amazing job at bonding metal/leather/fabric/plastics/woods. It's primarily marketed as a beading glue, but it's uses go far beyond that. I highly recommend it for you belt!



  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement! And the glue suggestion! I'm really short on money right now, but I'll definitely keep an eye out for it. I've been using hot glue and fabric/vinyl/plastic glue, but the fabric/vinyl one takes a pretty long time to fully dry, and it's hard to hold the belt buckle perfectly in place until it dries.

  3. No problem! Just make sure you take lots of breaks, and keep working on it steadily. :3 A lot can be accomplished in a week's time.

    E6000 is relatively inexpensive. I wanna say the 1 oz bottle should be under $3, and the 2 oz maybe around $4-5? It's a really tough glue, has a working time of 10 minutes, isn't too liquid-like... and fully cures in about 24 hours! It's really amazing stuff. I hope you can give it a try~ :3 It should be tacky enough within 2 minutes of your applying it, that one you set the belt buckle onto it, it should stay there all right. Hope that's kinda helpful!