Star Wars Marathon (Day Seventeen)

So, as fun as it sounds, it's not a good idea to watch all of the Star Wars movies at once, especially not on five hours of sleep. I don't remember two of the movies and we didn't even get to the sixth episode, haha.

In cosplay-related news, I'm planning on making my boyfriend a Jedi robe for Christmas, since all the girls I know are getting home-made skirts. Once I get enough money, I'm getting him a custom light saber from I've seen their sabers in person, and they are absolutely amazing. I'm wanting one for myself as well, but they're really expensive.

As far as my cosplay endeavors go, nothing's really happening. I have to clean my room before I can buy anything else, so I can't even stock up on stuff or complete my Halloween costume. Living at home sucks.

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