Day Twenty-Eight

SIIIIICK! I'm so sick =[ It's no fun. My boyfriend's sick too, with something else though. So we couldn't make it to our convention planning meeting. Which sucks, but I went to the meeting via Skype. It was.. interesting, haha. It was easier to share files that way, but I had already printed them out last night.

I won't be going to the next meeting though, as I'll be at Yaoi Con!!! Yayyy! I didn't finish my jacket. Or my belt buckle, and my friend didn't make my gun like he promised! Neh. But I'll live. My Matt is amazing, even if he's not finished either, and I'm sure we'll have a great time anyway.

I'll be heading out to Yaoi Con a little late though, as I'll be entering a costume contest at my chiropractor's office that morning in a different costume. The prize is $50. o.o Convention money... That's enough to pay for Yaoi Con and then some! So that's why I'm doing it. I need money.

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