Mario, Midterms, & Mochi (Day Twenty-Seven)

Last night, I decided "I want to go to class dressed at Mario for my midterm!" So today, I did. Only two people recognized me, which astounded me to no end, but other people said that I looked cute. Apparently they "love just watching me, 'cause I'm so cute," haha. My boyfriend took me out for frozen yogurt with mochi after my midterm, which I finished in half an hour (the allotted time period was three hours). When I got home, I had to change so that my mom didn't give me funny looks.

I then looked up information to help me with the convention I'm helping plan, I found more than I was expecting to, so I was pleased about that. I have to look over some stuff tonight and print things out to get ready for the convention-planning meeting tomorrow. We're almost ready to put an event list up, surprisingly. The convention isn't even until August, haha, thanks to me, we're about six months ahead of schedule, and that's not just me having a big head, that's what they told me. I have the feeling that I could pull off a decent convention with only two months to plan. That lady that turned down my help for her conventions (she runs two) will seriously regret it.

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