Killing Ammy's Gloves (Day Twenty-Five)

Yesterday after my post, my page got a face-lift. I'm rather proud of it. But that's beside the point.

Today, I started working on my gloves for Amaterasu. Before I finished the first one, I decided to check my work and see if it would even fit before I continued. It didn't fit, and in my frustration, I had to put it down and walk away before I became so angry with it, I tore it up. (I didn't actually tear it up, mind you. That's why I stopped.)

It's funny, I thought gloves would be easier. I thought it over a little and I figured out a couple of shortcuts that might help me next time, but I think I need stretchier fabric. What I have is an old bed sheet. A nice old bed sheet, but a bed sheet nonetheless. So it doesn't stretch at all. But it's also the only fabric I have, so I'll probably just have to tweak it some. *sigh*

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