Happy Thanksgiving! (Day 393)

Happy Turkey Day everybody. May your lives be full of goodness and your bellies be full of yumminess. (or something) No, I did not cosplay for Thanksgiving. I generally don't for Holidays. I only cosplay for conventions, gatherings, or when a day is boring, so that pretty much eliminates all holidays. Though I did wear a hat with cat ears on it, but that was mostly because the hat is warm and the air is cold.

A lot of people that saw the hat really liked it. It was a crochet hat that essentially looks like a rectangle until you put it on, and then the corners look like cat ears. And it got me thinking that I could make one out of fleece. So I did! And it's cute and adorable and really easy to make, so I shall be selling them for $10 at Fanime! I've decided: Cat Hats (with no detail) $10 and Cat Hats with Eyes $15. And any cat-like Pokemon hats will be made with the method I used for the cat hat, instead of being rounded like the others. I figure, the more variety I can get, the better. =]

Picture will be posted later.

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