I'm Not Dead! (Days 362 - 377)

Despite my lack of blogging, I'm not dead. I don't know why I've been disappeared lately, but Ah well.

So I went to Yaoi-Con (review coming soon), and it was way better than last year. I did indeed finish my Franziska cosplay before then (at 3 in the morning) and I'm really glad that I did. I got a lot of recognition and a lot of praise. Not to mention one of the funnest photoshoots I've ever had. =] I don't wanna say too much 'cause it should be in my convention blog soon.

So now I'm preparing for AOD and Fanime. (Mostly Fanime) Yes, I've decided to go to AOD, but I'll probably just lobby-con it. Unless my boyfriend and I manage to pull together the panel that we want to do and it gets approved. 'Cause we ain't payin' to get in.

For AOD, I'd like to cosplay female Link (Legend of Zelda). I found an adorable design on VeryDemotivational.com, but I have no idea who the artist is, and I'd like to credit them, so if anyone knows where the picture came from, it'd be great if you linked me to it. I feel a little hypocritical, because, no, I don't like over-sexualized female versions of male characters. I have felt that tinge of disgust and looked the other way when I've seen them. But cosplay is definitely still a learning experience for me. I've learned about so many things, and I've learned to accept and respect so many different and new things, this is just one more thing that I'll have to learn to respect. Yes, the fact that I want to do this is making it more relevant for me to respect, but if that's what it takes, so be it. At least I'm learning to respect it, instead of judging forever.

That being said, I still probably won't like super over-sexualized versions of characters (regardless of gender). There will probably always be a limit, and that's just something I'll have to learn to deal with.

I'm tweaking the design quite a bit, starting with lengthening the dress. I'm going to make it to about mid-thigh, so still short, but not short enough to show my booty >_< The slit up the side will probably come up about as high, to just below the hip. I'm also going to wear white tights under it, for several reasons, mostly accuracy. I'd also like to get some type of gloves, but I'm not sure which kind. I'd like them to be brown and leathery-looking, but the actual design is totally up in the air. I may or may not make the sack shown, it would be nice to have to hold my ocarina in. I don't have money for new shoes, so unless my mom has some that I can borrow (which she just might >_>), I'll end up wearing some little brown Ugg-looking slippers, which are so ridiculously freaking comfortable OMG! I also don't have money for a new wig, so I'll either end up wearing the wig I originally bought for Pikachu or my Chi wig. Either way, I'll pull the long air back into a bun and hide it (and the showing netting) under the hat.

I have some elf/fairy ears that I can wear, even though they're not super accurate (they point upward instead of downward), but unless Spirit Halloween Stores are still open, they'll have to do. For some reason, I really, really want the sword to be a cute little dagger, but that's up to debate right now (let me know what you think!). I will be wearing a bra, though there clearly isn't one in the picture, and so the cleavage-revealing diamonds will be moved up a little higher. Originally I wanted to find and buy a dress, but, haha, pain, green, short-sleeved dresses don't exist (especially in Winter), so I am going to end up making it (bought the pattern today).

I think I'm most worried about the hat, though. I'd like to make it more detailed, like the Twilight Princess version of Link's hat, but shorter. People are already teasing me that I'm worried about making a hat, what with my hat-making business and all... But I've never made a hat like this, there's no pattern for it, and quite frankly, it intimidates me.

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