Link! (S)he come to town..! (Day 381)

Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay! I made tons of progress on my Female Link cosplay! It's all thanks to determination, it being a simple costume, and nine hours of working on it! Funny, it didn't feel like nine hours.

My boyfriend was nice enough to take me to JoAnn's, where I bought two yards of what is quite possibly the most expensive fabric I've ever bought. But I've been absolutely in love with this fabric ever since I saw it several months ago. It's 95% rayon and 5% spandex, so it's really stretchy, but also super comfortable. I'd like to attempt making some sort of comic book hero outfit out of it, but now that I've learned how it sews, I'm less than excited about it.

We also took a trip to Micheal's, where I used a gift card from my birthday (back in September) to buy some pieces of craft foam for our Magikarp cosplays, and some material to (hopefully) make my Master Dagger out of (yes, instead of a sword).

The first thing I did was completely forgo the dress pattern that I bought and attempt to make a pattern out of a dress that I already had that was pretty similar. That failed. Horribly. I cut out the pattern and then tried to make it symmetrical, and, yeah, I just threw it out.

So back to the pattern it was! Originally, I was going to alter the pattern. I didn't want the darts in the front, and it was a size 6. However, the darts aren't so bad, and the sizing must have been way off because it fits really well! (Though I may make it tighter later, it isn't quite as form-fitting as I had originally hoped.) The only thing I altered was making slits up the sides of the dress, which really only meant not sewing all the way to the bottom, and then using a no-sew-hem tape to finish it off. The sleeves gave me the most trouble, they took five tries. I can't really blame myself though, that pattern made no sense! How exactly am I supposed to match Side A with Side B if Side B is twice as long as Side A!? It's madness, I tell you! Madness!

I have yet to detail the dress at all, but considering I have a ton of time to do this, I intend to do as much detail as possible. I also need to alter the neckline. The picture I'm going off of shows diamond cutouts on the chest, but I'm starting to lean toward a simple V-neck instead, to better mirror Link's tunic.

The dress is also technically not finished in that it's not hemmed. At all. Well, the slits up the sides are hemmed because they had to be in order to match up with the seams. Currently, I'm kind of linking the unfinished look, and it doesn't look like the edges will fray, but I don't want it to look like I was lazy either. If I do hem it, I'm going to use the no-sew-hem. Not because I'm lazy, in fact the no-sew-hem can actually be more difficult sometimes, but because I don't want a bunch of stitches showing. At least not non-decorative stitches.

The hat took about half an hour, including making the pattern and cutting the fabric. It was quick and fun to make, and my machine actually cooperated with me throughout it, which was a pleasant surprise. The part that took the longest was hand-stitching the details onto the sides.

The shoes, tights, wig, and boots were all things that I already had. I also have a fairy in a bottle, which I made for a friend a long time ago and he never used. The wig is the wig that I bought for Pikachu about a week before Kin-Yoobi Con, but never used. I decided to tie it back into a ponytail so that people would be able to see my elf ears (which I'm not wearing in this picture).

I haven't really tried on the elf ears yet, and they're just some cheap ones from the Halloween store a couple of years ago, but if all else fails, I'll cover them some with the hair and it'll be alright.

I'm not thrilled with the boots, but as I mentioned before, I don't have money for new boots right now, so unless I find something better for cheap, this is what I've got. They're basically wannabe Uggs in slipper form. But they're so comfy ^-^ Actually, this whole costume is super comfy. If it weren't for the wig, I would swear that it was pajamas, not a cosplay.

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