Christmas Chi! (Days 237 - 644)

Hecka last-minute, but I finally figured out that I was for sure going to the BAC's Exploratorium gathering this Saturday, and I chose to cosplay a Christmas version of Chi from Chobits. I decided this less than a week from the gathering. Not including the wig, this cosplay has a budget of $5, and it's actually working out very nicely! So far, I've spent about $3.

There is an official Christmas version of Chi, I believe it's in the artbook, though it may be on the cover of one of the mangas, I can't remember. I'm deviating from the design quite a bit though, mostly because this is so last-minute. I'm trying to stay as close as possible, but some of it is just not happening.

First, the shawl piece is differently shaped. To make this entire outfit, I bought a children's dress from the thrift store, so there is very little that I can actually do. However, it's still a shawl, just not as perfect. I'm also wearing a shirt under the shawl, even though it doesn't appear that Chi is wearing one, because, yeah, I'm not leaving the house shirtless, plus, it's cold. I chose a black elbow-length shirt, mostly for warmth, but also to bring together a few of the black elements of the outfit.

Next, I'm wearing white tights instead of red. Solid-colored tights in any color but nude, black, or white are really difficult to find, and usually end up costing about $12 when I finally do find them, so I plan to go with the white ones that I already have. (Though I may try on black tights with it and decide I like those better.)

Also, I haven't decided on what to do about the shoes yet. I have black boots (which I will not under any circumstances be covering before Saturday), but my choices of black boots are either combat boots or knee-high boots, neither of which I think will work with this outfit. Most likely, I'll be wearing the shoes that I wore with my other Chi outfit.

Finally, and I think most noticeably, I'll be making furry ears instead of robotic ears, as seen on Chi in Tsubasa. I'm not happy with the two pairs of robotic ears that I own (I lost the cables to the open ones anyway), and I don't have enough time to mess around with craft foam until I find something that works. I have more experience working with fur and fabric, so that's what I'm going with. As a bonus, I'm making the ears into earmuffs so I'll be nice and warm!

Here's what I've done so far. I took the dress apart into two pieces, and this is the skirt piece. I need to put a black belt around the top somehow,and I might just glue it for the time being, haha. I still need to finish altering the top into a shawl and then adding fake fur on both of the pieces. I'm gong to be taking apart. pieces of my old Amaterasu costume for fur, since I'm going to remake that costume eventually. I'm using a very small petticoat because without it, the skirt has absolutely no shape, but with a large (better) petticoat, the skirt takes on a very odd shape. (Side-note: The lace detailing on the skirt was already a part of it when I bought it, but I do not intend to take it off as that would make the skirt a good two inches shorter. Also, it's cute.)

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