Fabric Folding (Days 654 & 655)

The other day, I tried to sew a hat for the boutique that I'm supposed to be selling at, but my machine kept jamming and I just about threw it out the window, so I stopped. While I was sewing, my boyfriend was folding some of my fabric for me. He folded an entire bin of fleece, which is a lot, but I still had about four times as much left. After my boyfriend went home and I stopped sewing, I decided to fold the rest of it.

It took a few hours, but now everything, or at least almost everything, is neatly put away and a lot easier to find. At the end, there was a bunch of fabric that I left stuffed in the bottom of a box because I just couldn't be bothered with it.

I didn't really sort the fabric beyond fleece goes in one box, and everything else goes in other boxes. I tried to keep fabric from certain costumes together, for example, all of the leftover fabric from Franziska von Karma is piled together in a box, and all of the stuff I used or will use for Yoko is together. Beyond that, if I found multiple scraps of one kind of fabric, I piled them together, but I don't have enough boxes or room to keep everything separate. One container is entirely lace scraps that were all given to me.

I checked in on my Yoko wig, which I styled a couple of days ago. The styling held up pretty well, though the bangs could be even fluffier. That was a downfall of my styling, I think, I could have styled them fluffier to begin with. In any case, I believe my styling method would hold up for a day at a convention, seeing as it survived two days in the closet. I'll re-fluff the bangs anyway before I wear it again.

Speaking of Yoko, I decided that I want to cosplay the supermodel version of Yoko from the S.t.a.r.S. video. It's just a black dress, shoes, sunglasses, and feather boa. It's not very recognizable, but it's very pretty and should be fairly easy to buy and/or make. I could probably find a dress like that or alter one, if not, I can always make it, I've only got a million patterns.

There are also several other versions of Yoko that I've got my eye on from the S.t.a.r.S. video, including bunny suit, plug suit, and cheerleader. It would also be really cool if I could convince the group O cosplay with to do the school uniform versions as a group, but haha, probably not going to happen.

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