Kin- Yoobi 2012 Venue (Days 650 - 652)

So I haven't done cosplay stuff for the last few days either. I was going to make a small wig styling tutorial today, but never got around to it.

Although, I do have good news! Ki-Yoobi Con has confirmed its date and venue for 2012! This is a huge improvement on the timetable from previous years, when sometimes the venue wasn't officially confirmed until the day before or the morning of. In any case, Kin-Yoobi Con will be on Saturday & Sunday, August 11th & 12th, at the Hilton hotel in Newark, CA. When we went on a tour of the hotel before deciding we wanted to move there, I took a few photos of some areas that I thought might be nice for cosplay photoshoots. I don't really have much else to talk about, so here's some of those photos.

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