Yoko Wig Review

It took a while, but here's the review of the wig that I use for Yoko. I've never written a review like this before, and I have no format to go by, so I hope this turns out well.

I ordered "~Posh Red~ Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann Yoko Cosplay Wig" from FashionGarden3000 on Ebay. Generally, I've heard to be wary of buying items with really long names or the word "cosplay" in the title, because most of the time, it's a sign of the seller trying too hard to sell a poor-quality wig. I went for it anyway, and I was not disappointed.

Price, Customer Service, and Shipping
The wig cost $21.79, and shipping cost $12.95. Overall, the price was in the middle range of wigs available on Ebay and Amazon at the time. I didn't want to choose the cheapest, for fear of the wig quality reflecting the price, but I also didn't want to choose the most expensive because I just don't have that kind of money.

After ordering, I received a total of three automated e-mails regarding the wig. One to confirm purchase, one to confirm payment, and one automated thank-you e-mail. Since I had no issues with payment, and everything was confirmed immediately after, I had no reason to contact the seller.

I received my wig four days after I ordered it.

Quality and Condition
When the wig arrived, it was in two pieces, with the actual wig nicely wrapped in a net and bag, and the ponytail just in a bag. The wig was a little messy, but overall looked good. The ponytail on the other hand, was quite the mess. It was easily brushed out, but I wasn't happy with the condition it arrived in. I believe the ponytail should have been shipped in the netting and bag.

The wig is very thick and soft, and the color is gorgeous. It's not too bright or too dark, and it's definitely red, not any kind of off-red. It's made up of different-colored wig hairs, instead of all one color, some hairs are bright red, some are dark red, and some are even black. This gives it depth, highlights, and lowlights to the wig and makes it look more natural. As natural as a bright red wig can get anyway, haha.

Ease of Wear
The base of the wig was a little small, but after taking out the ponytail and re-tying it a little bit looser, the elastic inside had enough to give to make it fit. It has two adjustable strips of elastic on the inside to make it smaller as well. There are three toupee clips on the inside, two in the back, and one in the front to help hold it on.

The clip-on ponytail is so heavy. Even with the toupee clips and a bunch of bobby pins, I resorted to wearing the ponytail draped over my shoulder, because with it just hanging down my back, the wig slipped off way too fast. Even then, I had to re-adjust my wig multiple times throughout the weekend.

I believe with even more bobby pins and by braiding the front of my hair so that it has more to anchor to, I can re-distribute the weight evenly, and it won't slide back as much, if at all. Silicone spray should help with preventing tangles, I just haven't gotten any yet.

I wore the wig two days in a row to a convention. I had to brush it out often during the day, about once an hour, and had to brush it out again both nights and mornings. I think if I had worn the ponytail down my back instead of over my shoulder, it would have tangled considerably less. Also, the aforementioned silicone spray should help.

I don't have much experience at all with styling wigs, but what I needed to do for this wig was very simple. It was pretty easy to style once I had a plan and stuck to it. It took some time, but was easy. Here is what I did and my experience with it. I have no complaints about styling this wig, other than my own inexperience.

First day I got it, no styling.
About mid-day at the convention
Beginning to style for the second time

After styling for the second time.
(mirror image)
After styling for the second time


  1. The wig looks good! ^O^
    I have bad experience with buying wigs online so I always have to look everywhere and read all the reviews properly first TwT

  2. Aww, I'm sorry to hear that. I don't have much experience buying wigs online, I usually order from a local store or buy them in person at conventions. I mulled over the decision to buy this wig for days and weighed my options against other wigs, but I'm so happy with my decision. :)

  3. I'm glad it turned out good for you! ^v^! Hmm buying it in person is a good idea, how much do you think a decent wig should cost? O:

  4. Buying in-person is definitely the best, in my opinion. You can see up-front what the wig looks like, what color it is, what it feels like, and how shiny it is. But if I only bought wigs in-person, I'd only be able to buy at conventions lol.

    I think a short wig (shoulder-length-ish) should cost between $20 and $30, and a long wig (mid-back to waist-length) should be around $30 to $45. The most I've paid for a wig was $50 or $55, I think, and it ended up being not as high-quality as I thought it would be for that price. That was my Chi wig, which I would estimate to be worth around $40, I just got over-charged for it.

  5. Oh I see, thanks for your information, it was really helpful! I'm never too sure what price it should be because I see a wide range on the internet...I got a £6 one (around 9 dollars?) and it was absolutely rubbish. -_-; Haha, at least I know what to expect now when I get one that price.

  6. No problem :) Yeah, $9 is usually really low-quality, unless you're buying a used one, but that's still risky. I think the lowest I'd ever pay is $20. Hopefully you have better luck next time!