Avatar (Days 720 - 724)

I recently started re-watching "Avatar" The Last Airbender" because when it was on Nickelodeon, I only got to watch most of Book I, and it's still really popular (especially with the next series coming out). So, of course, I want to cosplay from it, and, of course, I have no money to do so. I'd love to cosplay Ty Lee, she's just so fun, and since I'm taking ballet again, by May (shortly before Fanime), I'll actually be able to do the splits again. I've always been really flexible, and even though I'm not extremely acrobatic, I think it would be fun to bring some of my random talent into cosplay. Unfortunately, as I said before, I have no money. My main money-saving strategy for this year is to just not buy any new wigs. Wigs are the most expensive purchases I make for cosplay, since I'm tiny, I don't need a lot of fabric, and I clip JoAnn's coupons like a maniac, and a wig for Ty Lee would run me roughly $40. So, yeah, that's probably not happening.

In any case, as I mentioned, I'm taking ballet again, which I'm extremely excited about. I took Beginner Ballet last year through school, and now I'm taking Intermediate Ballet. I remember most of the things I learned in Beginner, even if I am out of shape, and Beginner and Intermediate is actually a mixed class, so I still get the same instructions as if I took Beginner. The only difference is that I'm getting different credits, since I already have the credits from the Beginner class, I didn't want to take them again. It's not really a serious ballet class, it's not en pointe, but it teaches the basics, and it's really fun.

And I swear this related to cosplay. As much as I love just dancing ballet for the heck of it, one of my favorite parts of the class is that by the end of it, I will be able to do 20 pushups and the splits. At the beginning of last year's class, I could only barely do 10 pushups (on a good day), and I could to 20 by the end. This year, I can already do 15 pushups, so I'm actually aiming for 25 by the end of the class.

And here's the cosplay-related part. Two of the cosplays that I'm going to be finishing for sure by Fanime have my arms showing, and currently, my arms are spindly little spaghetti noodles and don't look very pretty. By Fanime, they'll at least be tones and not skin and bones. And then, of course, if by some miracle I can cosplay Ty Lee, I'll have improved flexibility, strength, and balance for at least some mild acrobatics.

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