AoD 2012 Panel Times (Days 711 - 719)

So the panels that my boyfriend and I will be running at Animation on Display were scheduled.
"Magikarp: A History" will be Saturday (February 18th) at 3pm and
"Rattata: Top Percentage" will be Saturday (February 18th) at 4pm.
Personally, I'm not thrilled with having to do two panels back-to-back, but my boyfriend's happy about it. The only perks that I can see is that we don't have to run back and forth between the panels and whatever else we want to do, and we only have to set up/break down once, even though there's not much setup or breakdown involved. I've been working a lot on both of the panels, I've added a lot of really cool stuff to the Magikarp one.

I stitch-ripped the tag off of the back of the shorts that I got for Mercedes. The tag was outside of the shorts on the back of the waistband, it was big and ugly and had to go. I tried to work on my Yoko belt, since I intend to cosplay Yoko at Animation on Display, but I can't find my glue. I might just buy more, it's cheap and really useful.

On a non-cosplay-related note, a friend of mine dyed my hair for me, and it looks amazing. I also visited a modeling agency for the first time. They were having open casting, and I have to call them on Monday to find out if they want to sign me or not. I think it went well, so I'm very hopeful! Getting to the agency was quite the journey, involving walking about two miles in the rain, but it was actually really fun.

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