Best Thing Ever (Days 725 - 726)

Sitting at the computer, I glanced over to my sewing area, and I saw a roll of butcher paper. My mom's an art teacher and sometimes brings home butcher paper from her class, and I use it to make patterns. It's the same roll of butcher paper that's been in my sewing area for a couple of months, but for some reason, I got really excited that I had it.

On another note, I am finally going to be starting a vlog series this upcoming week. For real this time, it's gonna happen. I'm calling the series "Cosplay Life" as a tie-in to this blog, and it's going to be uploaded to the Game-Zone Recreation YouTube channel. It's going to be more about my opinions on (cosplay-related) editorial topics than it is about my personal cosplay experiences (except for the first video, which will be an intro about myself). I'm going to cover topics that I've already covered in this blog, and I'm hoping to still write new editorial things here too. I'm also going to do video tutorials, and I'd also like to keep doing written ones here. I'm going to post the videos here too as soon as they're uploaded.

I've never done a vlog series before, but I'm pretty excited to do it. If you have suggestions for tutorials or topics you'd like to hear me talk about, let me know! (You can leave a comment here.)