Holiday Anime Faire (Days 401 - 403)

Note: Holiday Anime Faire was not 3 days, I just haven't updated in that long, and it wasn't good enough to get its own post.

So Holiday Anime Faire was on Saturday, December 4th. My boyfriend and I went as Pacman and Clyde. Response to our costumes was amazing, as always. We even had little girls, whom I didn't think even knew what Pacman was, telling us that they loved our costumes.

We entered the cosplay contest, in hopes of winning free Fanime tickets. We didn't, Fanime tickets weren't even offered as a prize. *sob* There were no "places" in the cosplay contest (1st place, 2nd place, etc.). Instead, there were just six winners, my boyfriend and I being one of them. Among us were Pedobear, The Gorillaz, and Sailor Moon.

Usually, after a con, I feel really inspired to work on my cosplay, but Holiday Anime Faire didn't make me feel that way. I have the mild urge to sew, nothing more. It's really disappointing.

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