New Hats! (Days 409 - 413)

I think I have some of my days numbered wrong, because I've been blogging for over a year, yet my day numbers don't say that. Huh. I'll fix it when I get the time to go through all of my past posts to find the errors.

Anyway, I made a new hat. Not one of the ones that I'm supposed to make to get paid, but a new one nonetheless. I think it's quite adorable. =] (pictured left) It's got an overlocked edge instead of a band, and it fits more like a hood than a hat. I'd wear it myself if I didn't want to sell it so badly. I'll probably make one for myself later.

Other than that, I'm thinking of switching costumes and going as Pikachu instead of femme!Link. It's still up for debate though. I'm not even sure why I'm considering switching, I'm just not all that into my Link cosplay anymore. We'll see how t hings play out when I get my new 12-hole Destiny ocarina for Christmas. >_>

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