So... (Days 422 - 423)

I realized recently (I think I mentioned it) that some of my posts were numbered incorrectly. I finally went through all of it, and I think I fixed them. At one point, I had gone from day 295 to 226. That along with a couple of other mistakes made it so that I was was exactly 50 days off, which is why my post numbers reflected that I had not been blogging for a year, even though it's been way over that.

No cosplay progress, but I have been practicing my 12-hole ocarina so that I can play it at AOD. =]

Hopefully today I can finish my Yaoi-Con review and do my Holiday Anime Faire review so that my Convention blog is up-to-date before AOD.

Tomorrow, my cousin, grandma, and maybe aunt are coning to visit for a while, and my grandma is going to be staying in what is currently my sewing room, so either I'll take it as an invasion of space and start sewing more in order to maintain my claim over my territory, or I'll get all passive stop sewing altogether until they leave. o.o I really hope it's the first one.

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