Merry Christmas! (Days 417 - 421)

So I went to my boyfriend's family Christmas party last night (Christmas Eve), and there was a White Elephant gift exchange. I made a Pikachu hat for it, and a lot of people were very amused by it. It ended up going to a kid, which I intended. Kid's don't participate in the White Elephant, but parents do, and the kids seem bored during it.

Anyway, for Christmas, I got my 12-hole Destiny ocarina ^-^ I got it Christmas Eve, and I'm learning to play it and read the music really quickly. Hopefully I'll learn enough to bring it to AOD.

I've been re-inspired to finish my femme!Link cosplay, I figured out the missing piece. I'm going to use silver/metallic lace in place of chainmail. It's going to be difficult to find the right kind though. I'll need a piece off of a bolt (like how fabric comes) that looks similar to chainmail, but not enough like it to be mistaken for it, to put underneath the top amd bottom of the dress so that it'll show through the slit. Then I'm going to put lace edges around the bottom of the dress and the sleeves, to imitate chainmail sticking out from underneath. Hopefully this works, I'll really have to search for the right stuff, especially since I don't think lace usually goes with the type of fabric that I used for the dress (a blend of 95% rayon and 5% spandex). We'll see what I can find.

As for all of those hats that I was supposed to make for $100, it still hasn't happened. I thought that my friend wanted them for Christmas, but he didn't contact me about them, in fact, there was barely any communication on his end, and we never set a permanent date that they should be done on. So I'm going to try contacting him again, but somethign tells me that this isn't going to happen. Which sucks because I really need the money for Fanime.

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