Cat Ears! (Days 120 & 121)

So, it turns out my closest cousin and a bunch of her friends are also going to AOD =D So I cut a deal with her friend through her. I'm giving them a discount on my home-made cat ears & bell necklaces, as long as they wear them around the con. So far, I'm getting paid $24, plus my cousin's buying Volume 1 of Chobits from me (I had an extra), and two of her friend's friends may buy ears & necklaces, so I may be making a total of $49 =O Almost enough for the rest of Fanime! Yay!

So I've just been working on making ears and necklaces, I haven't worked much on my own stuff, heh.

If anyone's interested in buying at AOD, I don't have a booth, but you can find me, I'll just be selling out of my backpack xD (Not sure on the legality of that... >_> Hush..)

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  1. ^~^ I love making ears, I've made some out of fleece... I haven't sold anything in months.. I got too caught up with making my own crap XD

    ^~^ That's great you're making money for Fanime!! I can't wait until AOD though O.O It's this weekend! Some of my friends are still finishing up their costumes.. .@___@; They chose kind of challenging ones for this con, but whatever...they'll finish =.=

    ~See you in like 5 days? XD