Happy Day~! (Days One-Hundered and Three & One-Hundred and Four)

(Note to self: If you miss a day posting, you will have a ridiculously long title, and it will look silly.)

Oops, missed a day, but no matter. Nothing happened that day anyway, except PayPal finally went back online and I got my boyfriend's Fanime ticket payed for =D Now he owes me fifty bucks, ahahaha! Anyway, on to today~!

Got together with the group =D Finally. The plan was Wig Store > Fabric Store > Home > Cosplay. But, uhh.. Somehow we spent three hours in the wig and fabric stores. Oops. And then mah buddies had to leave. But I ordered my Chi wig! From the store! Turns out the store in my area can order CosWorx wigs =D And they take cash. And you can haggle price, easy. They wanted sixty-six dollars for a wig, so I told them I'd have to think about it, I was only looking to spend around fifty, and they said they'd take fifty.

The wig I ordered isn't from CosWorx, though, I'm just excited that they can get them from there. I don't know the brand or name or type of wig I got though, haha, I'm such a n00b. I just likes the color, style, and texture, so I went with it. I like that they have sample colors there in the store. Helps a lot.

I also got a long-neck wig head and another wig cap, since I accidentally gave mine away when I returned a friend's wig >_> Good thing they're relatively cheap. Plus, the one I gave away had some scar putty and liquid latex on it from when I did Mello's scar. And my new wig head came with wig pins o.o Which they didn't give me last time I bought one <_< How rude..

So we're planning on getting together Friday to actually work on stuff, so we'll see how that goes. And SacAnime Winter is this Saturday~!

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  1. :D!!! Congrats on ordering your wig! We have some wig stores around here but they're so expensive...and most of them sell real hair, which I don't buy... O.O;; I feel awkward having someone else's hair on me (for now.)

    ^~^ Can't wait to see your cosplay at AOD!