SacAnime Winter 2010

Not worth the two-hour drive. Worth the $25 sure, but not the two-hour drive.

Somehow, we managed to leave about half an hour late, so it kinda started out suckish. By the time we got there, the first panel I wanted to go to (Chris Saradon) was over. So we hopped in line for his autograph. Which, of course, made us miss Vic Mignogna's panel *cry cry sob sob tear*.

After getting autographs, we grabbed a snack and got in line for Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham's panel. Now, their panel almost made the whole trip worth it. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. (Even though I didn't get called on to ask my question. D=) After that, we immediately went to get in line for autographs from Vic, Laura, and Travis.

Worst. Two. Hours. Of. My. Life. We had to wait outside in the cold. Keep in mind, this is in winter, a little after four four, so it's starting to get dark, it's cloudy, and right by a lake that's in the middle of the hotel grounds. Then the guy behind us (who had a mental handicap, literally, I'm not being mean), was yelling, butting into everyone's conversations, cursing, meowing, and growling. Yes, growling.

We were told that the voice actors were all leaving at six, but at five minutes until five, we were told that at five, they were cutting off the line at where it met the doors, regardless of how many people were left. So, of course, six feet away from the door, they cut it off. They told us "You can wait and see if there's enough time for you guys, but you probably won't be able to get your autographs." (May I point out the bad grammar? "Your autographs". If I wanted my autograph, I'd get it.)

So we waited. And waited. While the guy behind us is yelling louder and cursing more. So we stood outside in the cold, even though there was plenty of room to stand behind security guards inside in the warmth.

(At some point during this time, we were notified that Laura and Travis left, and only Vic was still there.)

Then at around five-thirty, another security guard comes out and tells us that the next six groups can go in and will get autographs. We happened to be the fifth group. *le gasp!* So we inched up in line.

Then as the guy in front of me in getting his autograph and picture, Vic's cell phone rings and he answers it. It's his girlfriend and they talk for about two minutes. Now, two minutes is a long time when you've already been waiting for almost two hours. Then I take a picture of the guy in front of me with Vic for him, get the autograph (which apparently comes with an UBER hug *yay*) and a picture.

Then we left and drove the two hours home.

All in all, it was a good convention, even though I only got to do three of the seven things I wanted to do. It's just really not worth two hours for only one day. I will probably return next year for all three days, and if it's no better (or, God forbid, worse) I won't go again.

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