Day 113

I'm only about $70 away from having all the money I need for Fanime. Food excluded, because, psh, who needs it. I'll feed off of the energy of the con like a parasite! Or convince my mom to buy me Cup Noodles to last the weekend. >_>

Last night, I received a second confirmation of my free Fanime ticket. Seems my information has been forwarded to the correct departments, and it should be finalized soon.

Funny thing, I keep looking forward to the convention after the next one that I'm going to. I looked forward to AOD before SacAnime, but now I'm looking forward to Fanime, even though AOD is only a couple of weeks away. Hmm..

In any case, I'm almost hoping that I don't win the costume contest at AOD now. Turns out, the people who gave me my Fanime ticket (P.M.B.Q.) are also going to be at AOD. I have not idea whether or not they have any connection to the costume contest or Fanime during AOD, but it makes me a little nervous. Though I could just sell the ticket at a reduced price to a friend. I think o.o I'd probably pass it off to the runner-up for my category. Or something.

In other convention (sadly not cosplay) news, I was told be the convention head for the con I'm staffing for, "I have important info on the con date. Shall I e-mail it to you later?" I said yes, of course, and have not received an e-mail. In all fairness, I didn't e-mail him either, and I said I would. I should get on that.

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  1. I'm pretty excited for both cons....but in different ways. Fanime is going to cost much more, and the costumes for it will be more challenging but i'm excited. AOD though will be a breeze and the hotel room was part of the gift to my friend for her birthday so I'm staying two nights for free basically @_@;

    I'm just really excited!


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