Styling Chi Wig (Day 124)

I styled Chi's wig (put the spools in it). It was a pain in the butt, but it looks bretty good =] I'm all set for both AOD and Fanime, even registered for the costume contest at AOD, I just need to print and sign the consent form. I'll probably try and get that done today. I have to print a reference picture of Ammy too, but that's pretty easy.

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  1. D:!!!! I tried finding where I could sign up for the costume contest. :[ I don't know where?? I want to enter my costume too, and my friends as well...
    I heard you could do it there, but we have to do it online? Please let me know T-T

    I wish I was set for Fanime, my costumes for that are far from being done @_@;