BAC at Battery Boutelle

Battery Boutelle is essentially on old weapons storage facility in San Francisco. BAC (Bay Area Conventions) had a meetup there on September 24th, I attended as Koffing (Pokemon) with my boyfriend as Magikarp (also Pokemon) and a few friends as Evangelion characters.

Originally, we planned to leave at 10:30, but I know my boyfriend and my friends, and didn't really expect to leave until 11 (which is exactly why I told them 10:30). I was ready to leave around 10:45, and I don't know what happened, but we didn't leave until noon. So I was kind of miffed, but I put it aside. It's a long drive to and from San Francisco (at least an hour) and I didn't want to cause issues just because we left late.

On the way to San Francisco, we got lost, and then in San Francisco, we got lost. Less than half a mile away from where we were supposed to go, we got lost, and then walking to the meetup spot, we got lost! So we arrived around 2 or 2:30pm, when the gathering started at 11am.

My most vivid memory from this gathering is unfortunately the cold. It was so cold there by the Golden Gate Bridge. So cold, in fact, that my fingers turned white and stayed that way for most of the gathering. Luckily, my friend let me borrow her sweater, which I was able to put on under my shirt.

I had a photoshoot with my friend FoxBerry (who's also the founder of BAC), and then there was just general goofing off. Quite a few people were very amused by the ticking grenade props that I had brought with my cosplay (I had two of them) and asked if they could play hot potato with one. I knew that whichever I gave them would end up broken, so I let them use the one that was already sort of broken (the pin didn't go all the way in), it was only a dollar anyway. I however did not expect for the grenade to break in half. Someone said they wanted to keep it and plant flowers in it, so I just let them have it. I wouldn't say I'm mad about it, but, I mean, I spent money on that thing, haha, even if it was only a dollar.

Around 5pm, after a couple of hours of goofing off, climbing around on the battery, and freezing our butts off, we decided to head home. We said our goodbyes (the gathering was scheduled to go until 6pm) and headed out. And got lost. We were really hungry, so we used someone's GPS on their phone to track down a McDonald's. Unfortunately, that took us right past the remains of an accident that blocked two out of three lanes of traffic, and then there was no place to park by the McDonald's. We got on the freeway instead.

I feel like we got lost quite a few more times. We stopped at Sonic to get burgers, dropped off our friends, and then my boyfriend and I went back to my house. We were both exhausted, but my boyfriend stayed a little while to hang out with me. He was playing Final Fantasy 4 on his PSP (that he's letting me borrow, so he only gets to play it when he's here), and he was so tired that he accidentally saved over my save file. I only had about four and a half hours of game play on it, but I was still pretty upset, on top of the not-all-that-spectacular day that I had.

I don't necessarily regret going to the battery, but if I had known what that day would have been like, I would have stayed in bed, heh. However, from what I saw of the photos FoxBerry took, they're really nice and I can't wait to see them. So at least I have that to look forward to!

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