Whew! (Days 618 - 630)

So it's been longer than I thought since I've updated my blog. I ended up not finishing Yoko before the BAC gathering at Battery Boutelle. The rifle was a bad idea to bring to Sf in the first place, and I didn't feel like finishing the cosplay just to be exhausted and freezing the next day, so I went as Koffing instead. (More on that later.)

I did end up finding the studs that I was talking about in my last update though! JoAnn's finally stocked them, so I bought two packages, just in case. At the start, I estimated that I would need about 100 studs, and each package comes with 40. I already used up my first 40, and they're not all on one side of the belt (I started in the middle-ish), so I can't tell what percentage of the belt the 40 studs covered. I didn't want to say "Oh, well I already covered half", buy one package, use it up, and then have to wait another month for more to be stocked. So I have them.

I also bought new material for the belt buckle, since the old material looks like tin foil. I bought cheap silver pleather, and I have a few ideas for turning it into a belt buckle that I really hope work. I only bought a quarter of a yard.

I did mostly complete Yoko's rifle, save for a few things. That's going to get it's own blog post though.

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