Yoko's Belt Continues (Days 615 & 616)

I'm definitely not thrilled with the current state of my belt for Yoko, to say the least. I'm sure part of it is the "fabric" that I chose for the buckle. It wasn't what I originally wanted, but it was on sale, and I couldn't find what I wanted. It's hard to describe, especially since it's not really a fabric, but it sort of behaves like one. The best thing that I can think to compare it to is rubber with a this foil outer layer. The rubber-y layer is stiff and stable. It can be bent, but it takes a lot of glue and pressure to keep it that way, and it leaves creases. The foil layer is incredibly thin, but stays somewhat strong, I can't manage to tear it with only my fingers at least, not that I tried hard. The foil layer also manages to wrinkle on top of the rubber layer, and I can't figure out a way to smooth it out. There are parts on the piece that I bought that are smooth, so I may make a new one. The current belt buckle is also cut crooked, just to top off the awful material choice.

The magnetic snaps are excellent, though they also don't match up well with the material. The ones I linked aren't the exact ones that I bought, the ones I have are more brass-colored (they won't be seen anyway), were a lot cheaper (about $2) and came in a pack of three instead of two. They have two prongs on the back that can be bent inward or outward so that they hang onto the material they're attached. I pushed the prongs into the material to make two dents then used a razor/box cutter to cut slits on the dents that the prongs would go through. I then bent the prongs inward, though I'll probably go back and bend them outward. I think they'd be more stable that way. I didn't really think about it when I was putting it together.

The issue with the metallic material is that the snap creates an awkward bulge underneath it, and further warps the outer surface. This might be lessened if I bend the prongs outward though. The snap that goes on the white part of the belt also had a little bit of an issue with the white material. The white vinyl is surprisingly fragile. While I need scissors or a razor to begin a cut in the material, any cut can be easily torn. So the prongs poking through the vinyl accompanied by the weight of the snap itself began to tear the vinyl. I put my special vinyl/plastic/fabric glue around the edges to help strengthen it, but I haven't really tested it much.

Eventually, I will definitely remake the belt buckle. I'm am 100% sure of this. It's lop-sided, lumpy, wrinkly, the edges show, and it kind of looks like duct tape. Duct tape might actually look better. However! It's wearable, and my boots are currently not wearable at all. I'd rather get the costume wearable before the next time that I want to wear it than have to come up with a new costume to wear because I don't have shoes.

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