Studs Wanted (Day 617)

Another trip to JoAnn's, another trip ending in disappointment. I went for the same square metal studs that I went for last time, and they still didn't have them. They did however have new heart studs, which were adorable, but not what I wanted. I managed to find the costume pleather that I originally wanted to make the belt buckle out of, but of course, they didn't have silver in stock. I found a bundle of patterned fleece in the remnants bin that I thought would be cool for hats, but when I got to the register and asked to open it, it turned out that it was football-patterned, and I lost interest. I ended up with a $1 pack of mini highlighters.

I searched online for the studs I want, but I couldn't find them online. Someone else's blog, however, said that they can be found at both JoAnn's and Micheal's, so I guess I'm trying Micheal's tomorrow. For now, I'm going to attempt to work on my boots.


  1. I have a tun of studs that i just ripped out of an old studded belt. maybe you could do the same. Try ebay too.

  2. Thanks for the input, but I love my studded belts too much to rip them apart, haha. Also, but this point, I had already started using one type of studs and was just having trouble finding more of the same type. I found them though. :)