Sew Cute (Day 607)

A return trip to JoAnn's today revealed that while Vogue patterns were on sale, they were not 99cents like the McCall's patterns were, they were $3.99. While that is an excellent deal, I already bought ten patterns the day before and didn't need much more, so I didn't get any. I really wanted a bunch of Butterick patterns though, they have an excellent selection of historical patterns, including Civil War era headdresses and Medieval gauntlets and shoes. I'm just waiting for those to go on sale now. Since September is apparently "National Sewing Month" I'm hoping it won't be a long week.

Thankfully, it was not a wasted trip. Anyone who knows me knows that I love puns. A lot. They're my favorite form of joke. While sitting on the floor in the clearance aisle (I wasn't feeling well) waiting for my mom to finish digging through three bins of beads, I was looking around, not really expecting to find anything, just being bored and sick. Then I saw something that completely made my day, a black sign, about two feet long, that read "Sew Cute." It was also 50% off. Of course, I had to get it. It now hangs over the entryway into my sewing area.

As I mentioned, I've been feeling really sick today. I've been having stomach pains for just over a week now, my stomach hurts and I get nauseous every time I eat, no matter what I eat or how much of it I eat. Last night also brought a migraine which I have had over 25 hours now. The migraine was the main reason for me sitting on the floor of JoAnn's. I took extra strength prescription painkillers, put ice on it, put IcyHot on it, ate (to the dismay of my stomach), and took a hot shower. This thing will not go away. Ugh.


  1. Do you know if they still sew that cute sign? I love it and would love to get one.

    1. I believe they do! I recently picked up one of a similar design that reads "create", so I know at least the company that makes them is still around.