Sales! (Day 606)

So it completely slipped my mind that I've been taking advantage of JoAnn's incredible sales lately. Namely, their sales on patterns.

A few weeks ago, JoAnn's had a sale on Simplicity patterns, 5 patterns for $5 (limit 10 per person). I bought 5 patterns, though I wish I had gotten 10.

• Two patterns for two different types of corsets/bustiers just because I really like them
• A Little Red Riding Hood pattern for a later cosplay
• An Alice In Wonderland pattern mostly for fun but also for possible lolita projects
• And a mermaid tail pattern for fun and gijinkas.

This weekend for Labor Day, all McCall patterns, 99 cents each (limit 10 per person), so I bought ten.

• A sweater pattern for, well, sweaters
• A cloak pattern for a White Mage (Final Fantasy) cosplay
• A fairy wing pattern for fun, though I found these free instructions on making custom wings later
• A teddy bear pattern to help me learn to make plushies
• A giraffe, lamb, and pony plush pattern also to help me learn to make plushies
• A cupcake plush/bag pattern (for fun)
• A flower accessory pattern for fun and everyday accessories
• A monster plush/backpack pattern for fun (also makes tissue boxes and crayon box covers)
• A backpack/bookbag pattern (for fun and functionality)
• And a craft tote pattern so that I can make craft totes for both myself and my mom (she does beading and crocheting)

JoAnn's also had 50% off of the notions wall, which included things such as bobbins, pins, elastic, velcro, and hams, glorious, glorious, hams! Now, hams aren't expensive to begin with, but my money's running thin, so there was no way I was missing this. I ended up with a seam roll (pictured left), since it was cheaper (hams were $13, seam rolls were $10). I would describe a seam roll as a combination of a sleeve ironing board and a ham, without really being either one. In any case, I've been wanting both a sleeve board and a ham, and this was the perfect, cheap solution.

Looking at my receipt later, I saved over $120!

I later found out that Vogue patterns were on sale as well, so I'm hoping to go back and snag a few more before the sale is over.

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