Day 136

So being sick is no fun. Yeah. That's about it. I really wanted to get started on my and my boyfriend's Pac-Man costumes, but then I realized that in order to get the proportions right, we'll have to make them, or at least take the measurements, at the same time. So maybe some time this week.

These costumes could take anywhere from a week two three months, depending on how much money we have available and what style we're doing all of this in. The super easy way out would be cardboard, paint, and black clothes. Which, believe me, is tempting beyond belief. The harder but still ridiculously easy way is covering the cardboard with fleece, and then having black clothes. We really, really want to go with fleece. Just because we can, and it should looked cleaner and smoother than paint over cardboard. The hardest would be fleece over cardboard with black clothes that have the Pac-Man game grid on them. You know, the blue walls that you have to maneuver around in the game. I'm still working on ways to do that to shirts and pants and stuff, but I think that that detail would really help put our costumes over-the-top and make them stand out.

An option that we're not really considering is full-body cardboard suits, mainly because that is a lot of cardboard and a lot of work. Not to mention, it wont' be comfortable or practical at all, and I doubt we'd even be able to transport them to conventions.

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