Giving up on Crossplay (Day 150)

Mom took me bra shopping today. And I came to the realization that I will never be flat. Which is, outside of cosplay, probably a good thing, but I'll never be able to pull off young girls or any boys xD Eh. At least Phoenix Wright has a thick shirt and jacket. Hopefully a sports bra will suffice.

I'll stop now. One can only complain about one's boobs being too big for so long. I also got very pretty-smelling perfume, but that's irrelevant to cosplay or crossplay.

I really wanted to work on cosplay today, but it didn't happen, of course. I wanted to hang out with the friend I hung out with yesterday too, but things got in the way, as usual. xD

I need to go to the bank to deposit money into my debt card to be sure that I can have enough for the Fanime hotel, and my contacts for Chi, which haven't been thought of for a while. I'd like to make my appointment with the optomitrist soon, but alas, my body has other plans. Need some moles removed from my back. Ew. It's expensive ($50 a mole D=).

Anyway, I'm rambling. I have Spongebob PJs! That is all. =D

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  1. This is why you use Ace bandaging, put on a tight sports bra, have a nice girlfriend wrap you up nice and TIGHTLY in it..leaving you some room to breathe a little...and then you become flat! My friend Kailey is C cup and she can become pretty darn flat when she binds. XD!