Yay Mario! (Day 149)

I didn't work on cosplay today, but I was reminded why I cosplayed Mario. I played Super Mario World Wii with a member of my cosplay group. That game makes me love Mario Brothers all over again. It reminds me so much of the original games, which were my favorite, of course. Sure, it's a little different, but it's a challenging side-scroller with the same basic rules, and that's all that matters. ♥

That reminds me though! My group may have actually decided on a name! Well, we're choosing a=between a couple. Either "Cardboard Cutout Cosplay" or simply "Cardboard Cosplay", I came up with both (no one else bothers to think of things). I really want to use the word "cardboard" though. I feel like it metaphorically embodies everything that is cosplay. Using random materials in ways they were probably never meant to be used. Taking seemingly "garbage" and turning into something completely unrecognizable. I love the feeling of saying "Oh, yeah, I made this out of a toilet paper roll" and getting the response of "Whaaat?" or "Wow!" But "Toilet Paper Cosplay" just doesn't sound as good xD Theo nly reason I'm shying away from "Cardboard Cutout Cosplay" is that I don't want it to give the impression that "cutout" refers to what cosplays we choose or how we make them. We are not cookie-cutter replicates of other cosplay groups, we are our own group, we choose our own cosplays and our own ways of making them.

Anyway, yes, so far, two out of three of the other group members like it, the third hasn't heard it yet, as far as I know, so at this point, I'm thinking we are "Cardboard Cosplay", even though I'd rather it be three words -.- Ugh. I don't know xD This is exactly why we don't have a name yet.

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