I Loves Mah Clyde (Days 145, 146, & 147)

Things were slow after I got the fabric, I didn't really work on anything, but I finally worked on things today!

I essentially finished Clyde. I covered all of the outside with fleece, made and glued on the eyes, covered the facial opening with mesh, and added extra fabric as padding behind where my head goes. The padding helps keep the box upright when I wear it too.

I'm already very happy with the outcome. I love working with both cardboard and fabric, the result is always brilliant, in my opinion. My mom would be so disappointed, she's a paint purist.

I wish I could work on Pac-Man, but I need more cardboard. Mom said she'd bring it, but she keeps forgetting. So the next thing will probably be the clothes. The decision has been made to wear short sleeves, so I'll be buying those whenever I get the time and money.


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  2. Clyde looks awesome btw.

    And yeah, I really want to get back into my daily blog but I haven't felt the mood to post... Blogger.com really just doesn't... I don't know, do it for me. Hn. Oh well.

    As for the AHF, shame that she doesn't listen. I mean it could become bigger if she doesn't gear it toward children. I mean that's what Halloween is for... Why try to make it like that? Ah well, maybe with the right advertising and what not it'll get bigger. If it's up this upcoming year I'll definitely add it to Nor-Cal Conventions on facebook.

  3. :D Yay for teh Clyde! Looks pretty good...!!


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