Shopping~! (Day 151)

I've been blogging for as many days as there were Pokemon in the first season. Wow. That was a nerdy statement. I REGRET NOTHING! Ehem. Anyway...

I went shopping with a cosplay buddy <3 Though not for cosplay things. Just for regular things. We mainly went to Daiso and read the instructions of products out loud to each other. "Not food!" ~ Written on a "Lift Ball" whatever the hell that is.

I bought a soda that actually turned out to be Ramune in an easier-to-open bottle. It didn't taste as good =[ I think I just like Ramune for the bottles xD The soda's honestly not that great. I also bought these two little collapsible containers for storing video games =D I do enjoy them. And a really awesome 26-ring binder. Yes. 26 rings. The paper for it is godly o.o It makes me want to write things, but I have nothing to write =[ And I got High-Chew candies and a Pokemon cell phone screen cleaner =D It's adorable, it has Pachirisu(sp?) on it.

Then we went back to her house to play more Super Mario World Wii. It made me so happy =] (sort of an inside joke). Then I went home and video chatted with my boyfriend because I haven't seen him in this many *holds up three fingers*.

Quote of the Day:
"Three holes! That's so confusing!!"


  1. ^~^ Yaaaay... I actually really like Ramune for the taste, and of course the bottle. I like Strawberry, Melon and bubblegum the most *~*! Hi-Chew is always great!!

    Sounds like a really nice day for you. :]

  2. Well it's mainly because I need to be highly active to do a blog and gain people who are interested. DeviantArt is working much better for that but I've kind of slacked off anyway. But yeah blogger is nice, I'm also thinking of tumblr, I saw it and it looks very sleek.

    Meh, if it keeps growing she HAS to get staff, cause well... Feh people like that irritate me, yes I'm independant but does she really have to be so independant that it weighs so heavy on her? Almost seems like she's using it for bawwwing, but that's just me. Sorry if it came off a bit harsh but that's how it's coming off. But yeah, she needs to understand that she needs help with a convention, even 300+ people is still a lot to deal with for one person.

    I agree, child-friendly is much better you really can't run a 'con' child-oriented.

    On other notes; Ramune is awesome Litchi and Honeydew Melon are my favs. I also like this kind of fizzy stuff that's in an aluminum bottle that's really good. Hichew are awesome too, especially strawberry.