Fruit Galore! (Day 155)

I made almost all of the fruit for Pac-Man's shirt today =] They're really cute! My cousin says I should sell them, haha. But in their current state, they're completely useless and not marketable at all. If I could make a little wristband or something, maybe, but they're really time-consuming. I spent about two hours making five of them. And that's not including the little white pieces I had already cut out.

Anyway, I still have to make a banana and an orange and then I'll be able to sew them on the shirt. I still have to buy more iron-on letters to put on the back of Pac-Man's shirt. See, I didn't really think about it, but to write both PACMAN and CLYDE, I need two C's. Oops. I wish I could buy just one letter, but I can't.. Ah well. Maybe my boyfriend will pay for it >_> It is his shirt after all.

I can't finish the Pac-Man headpiece until my boyfriend comes over so I can fit him into it, and he's been sick a lot lately =[

Tomorrow, I'm going to the mall with a friend, and while I'm there, I plan to visit Hot Toys again to talk to whoever it was I talked to last time (I know his name, but don't want to post it, and I don't know his title). I'm wondering how much I could help out with Hot Toys, because it sounds like something really fun to get involved with. But that's for another time, I suppose.

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