Ghosties AWAY! (Day 152)

So much progress, it's terrifying. My boyfriend and I bought our shirts for our Pac-Man and Clyde cosplays today, finally.

So I put the lettering on the back of my Clyde shirt. I messed it up a couple of times, but the great things about the letters I chose is that you totally can't tell that I messed them up ;D It makes me very happy, very happy indeed.

I also cut out and glued together the three other ghosts (Inky, Pinky, and Blinky) that will be on my shirt. I intend to sew them to the shirt some time tomorrow. I'm actually taking them to school so that I can start on them before class and during Break. I'm that excited for it =O My classmates will be so jealous >_>

I also networked my butt off today for Kin-Yoobi Con =D I so proud ^-^ There's a new (ish) store in the mall near where I live (Newpark Mall) called Hot Toys. They sell used retro toys, action figures, and video games. I got into a conversation about one of the employees (I dunno if he's owner or manager or what) and he was telling me about the store's plans to expand and begin hosting video game tournaments and costume contest. The conversation went from there as I am very much into costuming (uh, duh) and I told him about how I'm a staff member at an anime / gaming con, yadda yadda, and he's interested in getting a booth and selling some of the store's action figures and gaming things =D Also if I understood right, he was looking for people to help his and the store out in their upcoming expansion and events. We traded contact info, and once I contact the rest of the Kin-Yoobi staff (Thursday) I'll get back in touch with Hot Toys and let them know what's up on my front.

A very productive day on all fronts, I believe. I also bought my mom's birthday present as her birthday is this Wednesday. Tomorrow I plan to finish my shirt and get started on my boyfriend's. After some volunteer work at my local teen center. =]
(The top image is me balancing the ghosties on my chest, trying to figure out where the place them, and the bottom image is the back of my shirt.)

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  1. OH MY GOSH! Love the shirt. :) What type of stuff did you use to put on the letters?.. My friends and I want to make shirts for our cosplay groups but a lot of them think you can't put iron-ons onto black shirts or anything. @_@ I was like, "But you have to be able to!" so...yeah...


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