Almost Done (Days 447 - 449)

11:20pm - I'm actually almost finished with Franziska, which is weird, because the con's still not for almost a month. I finished the outer, long vest today, I'm annoyed at my hand stitching on the bottom, but it's not noticeable unless you're about two inches away from it. And if you're than close to the back of my knees, you need to back off.

All that's left to do is straighten the wig. If I was more experienced at dying wigs, or if I at least had another wig to practice on, I might give dying my Franziska wig a shot, but that's probably not going to happen. I am painfully aware that my wig is way too bright, and that it should be a duller, gray-ish color, but, bleh, I can't afford a new wig, and I'm afraid to dye the one I have. I'm hoping that the rest of my costume makes up for it.

Oh, and good news from AOD (Animation on Display), my boyfriend and I can both enter the cosplay contest separately, even though I'll be making both of our costumes. The catch is that only I'm eligible for construction awards on either of them, and I can only win one. So if I win a construction award for my cosplay, I can't win one for my boyfriend's. Which makes sense, I can't hog all of the awards (not that I think I'd win twice anyway). So now all I have to do if make my boyfriend's Magikarp cosplay and hope that our panel gets scheduled for Saturday so that we can participate.

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