More Link (Days 438 - 441)

I had a really clever title for this post earlier, but now I've forgotten it. Ah well, maybe I'll remember eventually.

SO! Over the past couple of days, I have actually been working on my femme!Link cosplay! The most noticeable progress has been that I took in the sides and brought up the hem. I had to toss my idea of using silver lace in place of chainmail because I just plain don't have the money. Though, besides that, I'm not sure how lace would look with the fabric that the dress is made out of. I'd have to search a while before I found something that would work. Because of this, I have decided to go back to the original design of the photo that I've been basing this whole thing off of, or at least with less alterations to it.

Because the color of the fabric is closer to the Twilight Princess version of Link, I'm still calling it that, but I've ditched both the chainmail and the leggings/tights/what-have-you. Getting rid of the tights wasn't so much of a design choice as it was cutting my workload practically in half. The fabric of the dress clung stubbornly to the tights and caused it to ride up. This wasn't so bad when the dress was halfway down my thigh, but since it's higher, anyone behind me would probably get a panty shot in about three steps. If I can get the money to make a slip or something that will go under the dress, I may keep the tights, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Since I'm still technically making the Twilight Princess version of Link, I decided to detail the bottom of the dress in the same way that Link's tunic is detailed. I can't decide if this was a bad decision or not. I'm using the sewing machine and a special stitch on the machine to make the designs. It's difficult, and time-consuming, and the result isn't exactly what I was looking for (too subtle) but it is cute, and it looks like it belongs on a dress, so I'm happy with that. I'm considering making a tutorial or sorts to show what I did, since it's hard to explain without a lot of pictures.

It has also been decided that I will wear femme!Link to the SanFransisco Cherry Blossom Festivale on April 17th. I'd like to be in the parade, but I never have before, and I guess it depends on who I go with (etc. etc.). I'm also hopefully going to be doing a photoshoot with foxberry during the summer! We're on the lookout for forest-y places in the area.

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