Oh Dear... (Days 429 - 432)

So I'm broke. Almost flat-broke. Embarrassingly enough, all of my cosplays up until this point have been funded by an allowance from my mom, and now she's not giving me allowance anymore. I'm considering selling back my Comic-Con ticket in order to have enough money for a weekend pass at Fanime. I'm also considering asking my dad to fund my entire Fanime trip, haha. He owes me back allowance anyway. >_>

So I've been applying for jobs left and right, hopefully I can get one, just for pocket money.

I've also decided that I really, really, really want to cosplay Stocking from "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt." I haven't decided on a version, but I want to do a bunch of them, not only because I like a lot of versions, but also to re-use the wig a lot, because the cheapest one I found was $70. Meep. Also, I want her cat plushie!

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