Fruit Arangement (Day 160)

I finished making the fruit for Pac-Man's shirt today. I may attach them tonight, but I probably won't until at least tomorrow. I really wanted to put the name on the back of the shirt before putting the fruit on the front, but thinking about it now, I could do it in either order.

It took me a little while to figure out how to organize the fruits on the shirt, since there's seven of them, and I'm a big fan of symmetry, but I think I figured out what works. The image of the left is the felt and fleece fruit I made on the black shirt my boyfriend bought. I personally think it looks like a snapshot of them from the game, but maybe I'm just taking too much pride in my work. ;D The pear looks a little dark in the picture though.

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  1. Yes they do. -_- I hate this crap when dealing with blogger. Blar.

    My problem with blogging is that I like blogging late at night before I go to bed, but no one reads them that late. O_o;; So roommate suggested blogging three times a day, which a lot of people who have a lot of hits do. But it's just so.. meh. XD

    I might try Tumblr, my livejournal is only for hetalia crap but I'm starting to fade away from it fandom-wise... So many cosplayers who want to glomp me because I cosplay Germany and elitets in it that cosplaying it, irritate me. But that's another story. But yeah tumblr is something I might look into.

    That... Sucks. Meh. I wonder why she even thought of it in the beginning if she didn't understand anime.

    Litchi and Melon are awesome. As for your fizzy drink- ;_; daw~ I love both. XD I can't remember the name of the label for the aluminum bottle x.x~ Too many ramune brands/japanese soda brands. I can easily nom hi-chews XD

    I'm really liking your fruits, that's why I posted my response on here. XD Because I'm a weirdo, just wanted to give you feedback on it and I'd probably forget if I posted it after reading your next blog entry. ._.