Leprechaun Land (Days 168, 169, & 170)

So I've been volunteering lately for the local Teen Center where I live, and they / we have been working on putting together an event called Leprechaun Land for Wee Folk. It's a small event for ages three to six, where they can play a game similar to 'Candy Land' with a St. Patric's Day / magical forest theme.

My mom and I originally volunteered because we got free tickets to Disneyland for putting either hours in, but we ended up getting roped into the whole thing. We made little fairy / elf / leprechaun houses out of refrigerator boxes, painted them, and glued fake leaves and flowers on them. They were rather cute for refrigerator boxes.

Anyway, the point is, on the night of the event (Day 169), I attended dressed as a fairy. I imagined it to be a lot more fun than it was, but I also didn't imagine that I'd have cramps and a migraine. My assignment was to stand at the entrance to the 'Candy Land' game with my boyfriend (who was dressed as a leprechaun). He handed the children a plastic coin (to be used later in the game) and I was to allow them to roll a pair of giant dice to begin the game. The dice were useless, though, as the children were only to move to the first game station.

I really don't like working with kids. I get frustrated when people don't understand what I'm saying or trying to explain something, and I know little kids just don't understand a lot of things, so it's hard for me to handle them without getting upset or stressed. In addition to that, the dice confused everybody, even the parents, in fact, even me. I mean, they don't move the number of spaces they roll! I dunno.

Anyway, I only went so that I could keep my boyfriend company while he got his final two hours, and because I got to dress up in costume ^-^

My costume was quick, but cute. I had a pair of Halloween fairy wings, black and blue, and I finally found a use for my ridiculously green, pleather, '60s go-go dress. Black shorts, black leggings, black high-heeled shoes, and a black button-up shirt. I also put green ribbon around my Gothic Lolita hat and wore it backwards (so the lace and feathers were in the back). And at the event, I got to sit on a giant mushroom, which I'm including as part of my costume because it was adorable ^-^ My nails were also painted green to mach, with gold glitter.

Anyway, that was all yesterday. Day 168 I did nothing, and then today (Day 170) I went to visit family.

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