Kin-Yoobi Con 2010 Anime Family Feud Event

I feel like I should post this on my Convention Blog, but since I already mentioned it here...
By the way, I'm so ashamed, if I had known that they weren't going to give me my Kin-Yoobi shirt, I would've gone more Pikachu and at least worn yellow T_T Ah well...

"Anime convention, Kin-Yoobi Con 2010, will feature a new gameshow for its attendees called Anime Family Feud. Your help is needed to come up with answers for questons of the new event. Check this video to see how you can win a free video game in the process!"

Click here to view the Game Zone Recreation (Kin-Yoobi) YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe and participate for a chance to win yourself a free video game. =D


  1. You seem the most thrilled about it. Love the pika ears!

  2. Did I? I was worried I didn't put enough emotion into it xD But the other girls (no offense to them, I love them <3) kinda came off as fake, and I didn't want to do that either T_T

    And thank you! They're actually store-bought xD Well, it was a store-bought foam mask, and I stitch-ripped off the ears and hot glued / nail glued them onto giant hair clips. They slip a lot if my hair's not tied back though xP