Ran Out of Paint! (Day 174 & 175)

In the last two days, I've been working on my Clyde pants. I'll probably be working on them for, oh, forever. I finished one leg (or thought I did) and then got two-thirds of the way finished with the other before running out of blue fabric paint. I bought more paint, and then I decided that I was not done with the first leg, but I decided to fully finish the second first.

My right hand hurts a ridiculous amount from holding and squeezing the tubes of paint. And I've gotten blue paint on my new ironing board cover. That might come off though, since my ironing board cover looks like it has some protective coating on it. I don't know. The cover is supposed to reflect heat, so you can use half the heat you normally do. I haven't really ironed for a while though, not without steam, and my iron has to be on high for the steam to work.

Anyway, painting the pants is a ridiculous amount of work. It takes about an hour just to do one side of one pant leg, not including steaming to puff up the paint, which can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to a half-hour. Also, it's hard to get all of the game grids on the pants to look the same. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's impossible. Some of them look really good, but some of them.. Oy, the shame. They look terrible. However, if somebody's inspecting my pants that closely, we'll have an entirely different set of issues.

So my boyfriend and I are almost certain that we're entering the costume contest at Fanime as Pacman and Clyde. Well, I'm entirely sure we are. He just hasn't accepted it yet. I think we're just going to do a walk-on, possibly with our own music, depending on rules and allowances. There's not really much we can do in those costumes. The heads are bulky and weak in some points, and we'll have limited visibility.

Anyway, that's about it. I took a progress picture today (well my mom took it) of me actually in the costume thus far. But the camera died, so I can't upload anything until it's charged again. Maybe later tonight or some time tomorrow. =]

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